Raise Your Attitude

It’s commonly said that attitude determines altitude. I’d like to add that attitude will positively or negatively impact your ability to effectively solve problems. In a recent writing, John Maxwell shared, “Solve the problem, before the problem has a key. That key is attitude. I believe that a positive attitude in the face of a problem affects how you approach it, which can set you up for a positive solution.” I concur. Here are three tips that can help brighten your outlook and increase your ability to get results as a leader.


  • Don’t integrate past failings in your present potential Each day presents an opportunity to impregnate your next-level rise. Don’t short-circuit the potential of the moment by dragging in the dead weight of yesterday’s missed targets.
  • What you believe about any situation will give it color You can have drab gray in your forecast or warm, orange rays of energy and passion. No matter what you’re facing, brighten your perspective! Your outlook shows on your face and influences those around you.
  • Your vocabulary should match your outlook Spend time in 2018 increasing your vocabulary. Learn a new word each week and challenge yourself to use it in your everyday communications (written and spoken). Others will notice and connect to the positive vibes you emit.
  • Actively Recruit: Form alliances and relationships with experienced professionals that can add to your existing talent-pool, and help continue the steady growth of your business.

Today, choose to use words that lift, inspire, and convey a forward vision. This small change can transform how your conversations are received!

We at The Writing Source want to link our synergy with yours for a greater outcome in 2018. Connect with us at and let us know how this blog helped you raise your altitude for a more influential corporate or personal forecast.